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We brought Samir in to help assess and refine our Go-To-Market strategy.  Samir has a comprehensive view of building and running a business, and understands where and how marketing fits in.  Coupled with his scrappy entrepreneurial pragmatic approach, he helped us identify, understand, and prioritized our key prerequisite strategy and metrics.  We’re really looking forward to our next phase of work with Samir.

Sam Kang, MindtribeSam Kang (Vice President), Mindtribe

CFE Media

As we expand our business with SaaS and data products, we brought Samir in to help review and bring a best-practices approach to our marketing efforts.  Samir’s guidance from initial market review through campaign plan development and execution was invaluable.  He helped us refine and prioritize our GTM and branding strategies, provided structure via segmentation and persona development, appropriately challenged our team’s assumptions, and even assisted with collaboration and marketing technology selections.  We’re excited about our ongoing work with Samir.

Steve Rourke, CFE MediaSteve Rourke (CEO), CFE Media

Samir brings a wealth of not only marketing but general B2B strategy and business experience.  He was invaluable in helping us evaluate our various strategic opportunities, prioritize based on our goals and capabilities, and create a tangible action plan to confirm our product/market fit and build the business.

Arun BalaKrishnan (CEO), Omniwyse

Samir is a rock star enterprise tech executive who understands both strategy and detailed tactics for short and long term revenue growth. I found his expertise invaluable in creating a believable, repeatable, and ultimately successful go-to-market plan for Wivity, a wireless/hardware/cloud startup.

Alfred Tom (CEO), Wivity Inc.

As a founder working on a startup at its infancy, I’ve always found it useful to consult others with relevant experience and expertise. Samir has proven to be a truly valuable ally & mentor for me. He’s been in the founder’s shoes and knows the feeling. He has always shared his knowledge and expertise when I needed guidance and assistance, and made me think about every aspect of the business in order to succeed.

Hannan Parvizian, Volans-i

Samir has thorough grasp of software, SaaS and the enterprise market. At Psynthesys, a pharmaceutical clinical trials Saas solution, he helped me establish a workable balance between MVP and business priorities to work alongside an approach of his I used in persona-driven MVP investigations. His extensive tech knowledge provided me with insights I needed to make some tough architectural technology decisions and his communication skills have led to important refinements in customer and investor pitches. I hope to continue working with Samir.

Rick Ericson (Founder & CEO), Psynthesys

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